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Third Scenario | Individuals

Bill has a wonderful job. He is the President of his company. He has a beautiful wife and three loving children. He plays golf on the weekends and goes on annual vacation with his family. In the eyes of others he is a very successful man, but in his own eyes, he is a failure. He does not like himself and believes he became successful because of his father’s connections. He wonders whether he is leading a fake life and dreads the day people will find out he is a big fraud. He has a recurrent nightmare in which he is about to fall from a big cliff. He does not want to be a lonely old man in his old age.

Do you... struggle with your self esteem?


Do you... see yourself different than how others see you?


Are you... afraid you will lose everything one day?


Do you... believe you are not lovable?


Do you... not like yourself?


If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, proceed to


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